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Finding the Right Water Hauling Tank for Your Truck

Having water readily available on your construction site is vital for getting your work done. Whether it’s providing drinking water for your employees or having water ready to go for power-washing concrete, you’re gonna need a serious amount of H20 make it through a project. That’s where you face the biggest obstacle – how do you even get all that water to your site every day? Water hauling tanks alleviate this problem, but you have to find the right one for your rig. That’s not as cut and dry as it may sound – different jobs and trucks will require different water hauling tanks. Let’s break down a few different types so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Truck Bed Water Tanks

Judging by the name alone, these tanks can often be just what you need for your pickup truck to haul water. Truck bed water tanks, like these water caddies, will fit snug in your rig. The sizes vary massively, from 63 gallons all the way up to 450 gallons. The benefit of these tanks is how well they fit into your truck bed, so you’ll want to ensure the dimensions align with your truck. With the right fit, you’ll be able to access your water supply without even removing it from the truck. Just open up the back and open up the tap, making them super convenient.

Low Profile Water Tanks

If you’re not so much concerned with getting a tank that fits your trunk bed space perfectly, low profile water tanks can be a versatile option. You still get the shorter height that you do with truck bed water tanks, but you’ll be able to rearrange them better with the other tools and gear you’re hauling around. They won’t stick up from the back, meaning you can still see well out of your rearview mirror, and still move a ton of water. With the design not being limited to typical truck bed sizes, you can get a lot more water for your buck. Sizes can get up to 2,500 gallons, so if you have a bigger rig for a bigger job you can use that bigger tank.  

Flat Bottom Utility Tanks

Flat bottom utility tanks aren’t designed exclusively for trucks, but many of them are meant to be portable. With a little creative ingenuity, you can utilize these to move a ton of water. The flat bottom means they’ll theoretically work for any truck bed – whether your truck can hold a 6,800 gallon tank is a question for your truck’s manual and manufacturer. If you’re driving something more akin to a semi or have a large trailer, you can maximize your hauling capacity and get multiple tanks to your construction site.
The options are out there. Whether it’s a small supply or a massive amount of water, there’s a water hauling tank that will meet your jobs needs. Still unsure about which route to go in? Go To Tanks can help. We get it, not everyone is as passionate about water tanks as we are and sometimes you just need answers. Reach out to Go To Tanks and tell us your project needs and truck specs and we’ll help you find the perfect tank.  

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