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Behind The Nozzle- Storage Tanks That Make for Better Sprinkler Systems2

Sprinkler systems are crucial safety measures that shouldn’t be taken lightly. They’re something you hopefully never have to use, but should an emergency happen you’ll want to make sure it’s equipped to handle the situation and have enough water supply to put out the flames. Aside from the nozzles and making sure the piping is properly installed, there’s one major factor to consider: where the water’s coming from. To have an effective sprinkler system, you need a water storage tank that can handle your needs. Here are a two different options to consider when installing a storage tank for sprinklers on your next construction job.

Low Profile Tanks That Fit In Your Crawlspace

Narrow and low profile tanks are some of the most versatile options you can utilize for a sprinkler system. Their compact shape means that they fit well in crawlspaces. Whether it’s a 110 gallon tank or something larger like a 1,100 gallon tank, low profile tanks can be surprisingly versatile in your building. Different projects will call for different sizes. When you’re dealing with a larger office building or warehouse, you’ll need one of the larger tanks to supply water to cover the entire area in case of an emergency. The fact that you can contain this much water within your ceiling means more space elsewhere for other installations in your project.

Vertical Storage Tanks To Harbor a Larger Supply

If being discreet with your water supply isn’t a crucial matter for you, a vertical storage tank kept just outside the building can be a great way to harbor even more water for your sprinkler system. With sizes that go all the way up to 12,500 gallons, you won’t have to worry about running out of water anytime soon. These are great for larger residential systems and massive buildings. If you have extra space outside your building, you can have a constant supply available – complete with drainage nozzles so you can refill and replace the water as needed.

Are you installing a sprinkler system on your project and looking for a storage tank that can stand up to the task? Go To Tanks can help you find the perfect tank for your job. Whether you want to go with the discreteness of a low profile tank or the volume of a vertical storage tank, we can help you find an option that will work for you and your project. Give us a call today and walk us through your specific needs. Sprinkler systems are your first defense against a fire – make sure your tank is ready to handle a disaster should it happen.

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