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Cone Bottom Tanks

With the passing of legalization in states all over the US in the last decade, the marijuana and hemp industries are booming. As sales for recreational marijuana soar through the roof, it’s easy to forget that there are whole other sections of the market being ignored. If you are growing in order to produce medical or commercial products such as rope, lotions, and clothes, then you probably feel at times like that old family friend that gets invited to a wedding, but no one really remembers you: you’re at the party and eating the food, but you’re not getting much attention,

That’s okay, though. Let everyone else get all the news and hoopla while you silently go about the business of making the world a better place. But, how do you do that? If you’re a grower looking for techniques and equipment to grow more efficiently, than you might not know everything that’s available to you. Hopefully, we can help.

One of the hottest (and most effective) trends right now in growing is what is called compost tea.  If you’ve never heard of it, then you owe it to yourself and your business to learn a little bit more about this alternative to commercialism.

What is compost tea?

You’ve heard of compost, right? Compost has long been a staple for gardeners, farmers, and growers. It’s cheap (I mean, you are literally just using your own garbage), it’s a very green way to fertilize, and, even better, it works. Chances are, you’re already using compost at least a little in your own operation. I’m guessing you’ve also heard of tea – that drink that you make by steeping a bag of tea leaves in a hot beverage.

Well, combining those two ideas pretty much tells you everything you need to know about compost tea. Rather than just keeping a compost heap and spreading it around, you “steep” the compost in water for several days.  This allows the nutrients from the compost to seep into the water, turning it into super plant food. Then, you just dilute the water a good bit (which stretches out the compost tea even more for wider use) and use.

At the same time, the solid stuff that remains after this process are still compost, so you can still use it for fertilizer! Meanwhile, you’ve avoided harsh chemicals and costly fertilizer bills, among other benefits, and, as I said before, you’ve created a super plant food.  Because it is so full of nutrients and water, your plants will be healthy, large, and productive.

Many industries benefit from this process – the marijuana and hemp industries are just two of the many.  Really, just about anyone can use and reap the benefits of compost tea. If you are a socially-minded grower or gardener, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t be making and using your own compost tea.

Why are we talking about this here?

That’s a good question. See, we at GoToTanks have tanks for just about any occasion and purpose, and we have tanks that are especially good at making compost tea for your growing business. It doesn’t matter what size of business, or plants, you have – we have a tank that can fit your needs. For a job like this, we’d recommend a cone bottom tank for brewing your compost tea.

A cone bottom tank is exactly what it sounds like: a large tank, but the bottom of it is cone-shaped, tapering off to a point for easy drainage. That way, you can brew your tea and easily manage it when it’s time to drain. We carry cone bottom tanks in a number of gallon capacities to suit the size of your operation. If you’re a smaller operation, than you probably need ranging from our 60-gallon all the way up to our 110-gallon model. Both of these tanks drain from the bottom to allow you to get every drop of your compost tea out of the tank and where it needs to go.

A larger business might need something even more substantial, which is great because we can provide tanks that are even bigger, even up to 1,000 gallons or more! Whatever size works for business, we can supply just the right tank for you. And if you’re looking for other tanks to store your finished, but unused tea or compost, we can also help out there.

The bottom line is this: if you are looking to cheap, efficient, environmentally-friendly ways to grow your product, then you need to be using the best techniques with the most practical equipment. Compost tea is a cheap, efficient, and environmentally-friendly way to get the most out of your compost, but it won’t work if you don’t have the right equipment.  Getting the right sized cone bottom tank to brew your tea, and the right storage tank to hold it until you need it, can go a long way to helping your business do even more good for your customers and the surrounding community.  


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