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Cistern Water Tank

Below ground cistern water tanks, also called underground water tanks are multipurpose storage containers that could serve people in ways that may have not even crossed your mind. We’ll take a broad look at what these tanks have to offer, particularly highlighting why construction companies might consider them a worthwhile investment for their next job.

What are Below Ground Cistern Water Tanks?

These are underground storage water tanks or catchment systems that are used for the storage of potable water and rainwater collection for reuse. They are typically used in places where a potable water source is unavailable, a private water well yields low levels of water, or the groundwater quality is poor, or it is used as an emergency source of water supply or for seasonal/occasional use. They are made from FDA approved polyethylene plastic resins, which means that they are durable, strong and safe throughout a life-cycle.

Reasons to use a Below Ground Cistern Water Tank?

1. Great for Domestic Use

The water collected in cisterns can be used for domestic purposes, including flushing toilets, irrigation, cleaning laundry, and washing vehicles. This saves you time and money, since having a supply of rainwater for these tasks can reduce the costs associated with the delivery of potable water from normal tap water delivery water system.

2. Applicable for Consumption

Whether it’s a 525-gallon below ground cistern water tank or one that has a 2,500-gallon capacity, a cistern tank can prove valuable when it comes to the collection and storage of rainwater for consumption. In rural agricultural areas or backwoods camp sites, or simply isolated locations, where typically, there is an inconsistent supply of potable water, an underground cistern water tank could prove to be an appropriate and useful solution. If you are considering using underground cistern water tanks for drinking water, it is essential that you ensure that the cistern is designed to prevent water contamination to guard against health issues related to the consumption of toxic chemicals.

3. Help Manage Stormwater

Below ground cistern water tanks can help to control stormwater by limiting peak runoff volumes and temporary storing the runoff. This, in turn, results in less water entering the storm sewer systems, and minimizes the cost, energy, and resources that would be associated with cleaning this water. This application is recommended for rooftop surfaces, and since it is an elevated surface, the cisterns can be filled gravitationally.

It’s easy to see why below ground cistern tanks could become the go-to catchment containers for construction companies, and here at Go To Tanks, we have just what you need for the job.

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