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Efficiency with Stackable Tote Tanks

If you’re collecting a larger quantity of liquid for storage, you may find that drums are not the best containers for the job. Drums are typically much smaller and their cylindrical shapes make it a burden to transport and store liquids. The questions then becomes: where am I going to fit it all? What containers can I find that can allow me to have maximum storage efficiency? Thankfully, stackable tote tanks offer an effective solution to compartmentalize your collection and get them out of the way. We’ll highlight the different shapes and sizes and how they might be useful for your next job.

What are Stackable Tote Tanks?

These are multi-fluid, mobile, plastic, stand-alone containment tanks, that can be used in both indoor and outdoor stationary or transportable applications, and can transport liquids for non-DOT approved moves.

Why Use Stackable Tote Tanks?

These tanks are available in 35, 70, 120, 180, 240 gallon sizes, with gallon indicators on one side of these containers for easy and accurate measurements, 7″ vented lid assembly and lanyard, and 4 lift ears for lifting each tote. They are manufactured from FDA-approved high-density food grade polyethylene with U.V stabilizers, and are durable and can withstand extreme service environments and harsh weather conditions, and will not leak or corrode.

Stackable tote tanks can be used for the storage of fresh potable drinking water, grey water storage, soaps/ detergents, automotive fluids, used bulk oil storage, liquid compatible chemicals, liquid fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Your chemical compatibility needs are important, and these tanks are ideal for fluids with a gravity of 1.5 or less. In general, stackable tote tanks share these common features, with the exception of few particular characteristics.

35 Gallon Stackable Tote

Limited to stacking 5 high or a maximum of 140 gal on top of the bottom tote.

32″L X 32″W X 15″H

Has the same footprint as the 70 and 120 gallon totes.

70 Gallon Stackable Tote

32″L X 32″W X 25″H

Can be stacked up to 3 high and has the same footprint as the 35 and 120 gallon totes

120 Gallon Stackable Tote

32″L X 32″W X 38″H

Can be stacked 2 high and has the same footprint as the 35 and 70 gallon totes

180 & 240 Gallon Stackable Tote

Flat spots are available to install accessory fittings on all sides

Front of tote features 2 inserts for placard placement

Serves to adapt the 35, 70 & 120 gallon tote sizes to the 180 & 240 gallon totes.

Go To Tanks has a variety of stackable tote tanks to make your liquid storage much easier.

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