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Forkable pallet tanks

When you’re working on a construction site, you have access to all sorts of heavy machinery to make your job easier. There’s no doubt with all the man power and ingenuity in your construction crew that you could dream up an easier way to transport water tanks to your construction site – but wouldn’t it be better if there was a tank designed to work with the resources you already have? Forkliftable pallet tanks are just that. As you can tell by the name, these tanks are easy to transport with a forklift. But that’s now where the benefits end. Let’s break down what makes these pallet tanks so essential for your worksite.


Water is a necessary resource to have on hand a construction site. With some jobs going on for months, you don’t want to have to waste time continuing to fill it up again and again. Thankfully, these tanks come in hefty sizes that range from 110 gallons to 300 gallons. So not only can you move these tanks around without breaking a sweat, you won’t have to waste your time constantly refilling it.

The translucence design of the tanks means construction workers can keep a tab on the amount of liquid and refill when necessary. There are also gallon indicators which give an exact estimate of how much liquid needs to be refilled for when that time eventually comes. It’s just another way to streamline your site – letting workers quickly glance on how the water supply is doing rather than wasting time trying to figure out if someone on the crew should go fill it up. Less time guessing, more time working.


Most pallet tanks are either made of polyethylene or powder-coated metal, making them light enough to be more easily carried. The lightweight design makes it easier for the tanks to be carried anywhere with or without being full. Unlike steel water tanks, forkliftable pallet tanks don’t have seams.The welded joints corrode and crack with continued usage. This means polyethylene tanks last longer and are more cost-effective – after all, you won’t have to continually replace your old tanks with new ones once they fall apart. These are tanks meant for the long haul and the toughness of a construction job.

If you are looking for such tanks to make your construction work easier, contact GoTo Tanks today. We will not only provide you the best solution but will also guide you in choosing the tank that will be best suitable for your construction job.

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