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Mixing solutions can be a cumbersome task and using a tank that is not efficient can make it even more tedious. Trying to mix DIY in a bucket or a tank that’s not designed for this specific process can be a huge headache and leave you with poor results. Let’s look at how the right batch tank can work for your needs.

What are Batch Tanks?

Batch tanks are primarily used to mix polymers, pharmaceuticals and food products, such as mustards and spices. They are multipurpose mixing tanks with the capacity to produce both small and large volumes. These are the best resources for reducing fluctuations in density and producing a homogenous mixture. Batch tanks are designed for indoor applications and are ideally suited for batch chemical/mixer mounting systems. There are a variety of batch tanks available that can meet your specific needs, whether it’s mixing spices, chemicals, or any other sort of solution.

Standard Vertical Batch Tanks

Featuring an enclosed integral top and an 8″ lid and 1″ bulkhead drain fitting, these tanks can range in size from 55 gallon capacity to 325 gallon capacity. For accurate measurements and your convenience, gallon/liter indicators are displayed on one side of the tank. The medium-density polyethylene is a lightweight, yet robust material, and along with U.V. inhibitors, lets these tanks hold polymers and other products with a gravity of up to 2.0. For better access and to keep them secure, both polyethylene and metal stands can be used for vertical batch tanks.

Open Top Vertical Batch Tanks

These tanks feature a bolted-on lid for access, with the option of polyethylene hinged lid and both polyethylene and metals stands for your choosing. Like the standard vertical batch tank, open top vertical batch tanks are produced from medium-density polyethylene and U.V. that gives it the capacity to hold contents with a gravity of up to 2.0.

Standard Cone Bottom Batch Tanks

These batch tanks are a good option when a more complete drain-out is required and are used for multiple indoor and outdoor applications. They feature a bolted-on lid for access, measurement displays for viewing levels and can be fitted with polyethylene hinged lid. Cone bottom tanks can be complemented with a poly or metal stand for foundation. Flat top ribs provide added sturdiness and four-tie-down or lifting lugs to facilitate a pump accessory mounting.

GoToTanks can help you make the best choice regarding your batch tank needs. Reach out to us today and we’ll help you find the right batch tank for your mixing job.

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