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Water Caddies

Water caddies is a pretty broad term. So when someone starts shopping around for one, they may be overwhelmed by the sheer variety at their disposal. How do you determine which one is right for your needs? Below we detail different models and types of water caddies on the market and their purpose.

18 GAL Slant/Upright Water Caddy

The SL-18 Water Caddy can be used for different trailer hauling or indoor emergency stationary potable water applications. It has a “slant load” or triangular shape for convenient corner fit in a trailer or room. These tanks have 2.5 inlet vented valve/cap on front side for dispensing water or full drain-out. One-inch nylon straps allow for the tank to be fastened or secured to a wall.

25 GAL Bench Water Caddy

Bench water caddies are great for Gooseneck, horse and RV hauling trailers or indoor emergency stationary potable water storage. It’s featured storage area can be used to hold suppliers or ice bags to cool items. This tank has a tack compartment to store various supplies or first aid items and has molded-in bottle holders in the top, with a heavy-duty lid.

35 GAL Round Barrel Water Caddy

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor water storage, this RB-35 Water Caddy can also be used to haul water in your horse trailer, in the bed of a pickup truck, or in the back of a SUV. It has an easy fill opening on top of the barrel, and spigot at bottom of the barrel that you can readily fill water buckets, or with a hose, empty the barrel.

35 GAL Hay Rack Water Caddy

The HR-35 Water Caddy specifically designed for hauling potable water secured on top of an RV, trailer or hay rack. It fits most standard hayracks, featuring valve/cap and drain with single union ball valve, and includes zip ties and a 10′ 3/4″ garden hose, which allows for easy drain-out from top of hay rack.

48 GAL Half Moon Upright Water Caddy

Used for various indoor or outdoor liquid storage applications, these HMUR-48 Water Caddy feature a unique half-moon shape and a flat back, making it possible for the tank to be secured flat up against a vertical wall with the available one-inch nylon strap. The tanks will fit most flat walls of trailers and have a cap at the top for easy filling and a bottom shut off valve for full drain-out.

48 GAL Hay Rack Water Caddy-Rear Tank  

Designed for hauling water fastened on top of a RV, trailer or hay rack, the HMUR-48 Water Caddy can be mounted in series with the HR-35 Hay Rack Tank, which adds an additional 35 gallons of capacity. It can be used to provide extra fresh water for bathing in the rear of a trailer.

48 GAL Half Moon Lay Down Water Caddy

With its flat bottom and half moon shape, the HMLD-48 Water Caddy is designed for hauling and can be secured to the deck of a trailer or bed of a pick-up truck. Tanks are narrow and long, leaving space in the back bed of pick-up truck for other cargo.

63 GAL Pick-Up Bed Water Caddy

The TC-63 Water Caddy is an innovative design that fits in the back of a pick-up truck and can be used for hook-up to a gooseneck trailer. It’s uniquely designed to be positioned behind or in front of the fender wells and features a small storage box with hinged lid for storing small tools, gloves, etc. This caddy has a unique low profile design for unobstructive viewing when hauling in pick-up truck or trailer.

At Go To Tanks, we have a variety of water caddies to meet your needs. Need some help deciding on the right water caddy for you? Reach out to us today and we’ll get you on the right track.

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