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If you’re mass producing food, you need equipment that can handle some serious capacity. Thankfully, the right container for your large capacity job is out there. We’ll look at different production and mixing tanks that are designed for large quantities of food so you’re not left with too little or having to constantly reload your supply.

2,010-Gallon Open Top Cylindrical Tank with Bolt-On Lid

These 2,010-gallon tanks are suitable for both temporary liquid storage or for use as a secondary containment for vertical tanks, and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, as well as for purposes of storing food and fresh oils and as a batch/mixing tank. Manufactured from high-density food grade polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors, tanks are designed with translucent walls, allowing for level viewing, and equipped with gallon indicators on one side of the tank for accurate measurement. Featuring bolt-on cover with 16″ vented lid and a second flat area lid option, the tank is also equipped with a removable crowned top, fastened to the flange with eight 3/8″ bolts, washers and hex nuts. The tank supports the containment of products with a specific gravity of 1.7 or less.

20,000-Gallon Blue Heavy Duty Vertical Liquid Storage Tank

If your food production requires a heavy duty, very large capacity tank, a 20,000-gallon vertical tank could be just what you need. This flat bottom, free standing polyethylene plastic tank that is used for multiple indoor and outdoor bulk liquid storage applications. It is furnished with a 22″ off-set vented lid, a standard 3″ stainless steel drain fitting with EPDM gasket and siphon tube as standard, while the top dome of the tank is designed with raised rib, and a wide, flat surface that is convenient for mounting additional fittings that you may find useful. To secure tank in place, four lifting lugs are designed to lift or tie-down tank when empty. Tanks accommodate the containment of products with a specific gravity of 1.9 or lower, and are translucent, with gallon indicators for level viewing and accurate measurement.

2,610-Gallon 45 Degree Open Top Cone Bottom Tank with Bolt-On Lid

The 2,610-gallon cone bottom tanks are versatile plastic tanks and are used for multiple indoor and outdoor applications, and are conducive for easy drain-out of stored product. Whether it’s batch mixing or processing of grains, these tanks are designed for the containment of liquids of up to 1.7 specific gravity, and are produced from food grade polyethylene with U.V. stabilizers. With translucent walls and gallon indicators on one side for level and accurate viewing, these tanks has 2″ Fitting, a 45 degree cone, and a removable crowned top, fastened to a flange with twelve 3/8” bolts, washers and hex nuts.

Go To Tanks have the best options for your large quantity food production jobs. Reach out to us today and we’ll help you find the right tanks for your business.

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