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Rise and Brine- Preventing Icy Roads with the Right Brine TanksIcy roads aren’t to be taken lightly. Even for drivers confident in their skills and take extra precautions while driving around town, freak accidents and sliding across the pavement are still real possibilities. The Weather Channel even cites weather-related car accidents as being more deadly than tornadoes. When you’re working in the transportation industry, or even just a concerned driver trying to make sure your driveway and neighborhoods are safe, you can take measures to ensure your roads are drivable and safe using a brine solution.

What is Brine?

You might not be familiar with the term brine, but it’d be surprising if you didn’t know it’s main ingredients. Simply enough, brine is a solution comprised of water and a high-concentration of salt. It’s possible that you’ve heard it used as a food preservative, helping to keep meats from beef to chicken.

Brine often occurs naturally in nature, appearing in salt lakes and even in what’s referred to as “brine pools” in the ocean. However you don’t need to venture far beyond a trip to your grocery store to make some for yourself. Pouring a roughly three-to-one mixture of hot water and rock salt, you can have yourself as much brine as you want within in now time at all. You can even find brine kits at local hardware stores for maximum efficiency. What makes brine such an effective deicer is not just that it melts snow and ice but that it destroys the bond between the ice and the road. It’s cheap to make and easy enough to apply to concrete.

How Do You Store Brine?

Storing heavy salt solutions like brine requires a specialty tank that’s up for the task. You also want to be able to have brine on hand when you need it, especially if you live in a part of the country with harsher and unpredictable winters. Chem-Tainer brand tanks are designed to handle saturated salt water. Ranging in sizes from 30 gallons to 500 gallons, you have plenty of options to find the right sized tank to meet the specs of your job.
Need help selecting a brine tank for your transportation department? Or looking for an effective way to keep some on hand this winter for your home? Go To Tanks offers a wide selection of Chem-Tainers brand tanks ready to handle all your brine needs. Give us a call or drop us an email today and we’ll help you find the right option for you.

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