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Finding The Right Storage TankWhen it comes to buying a storage tank, things may seem simple and straightforward. After all, it’s not a laborious and life changing decision like buying an engagement ring or trying to pick what movie you want from RedBox. But ignorance and carelessness can be costly.

Storage tanks vary in shapes, sizes, types of material, and purpose. There is no “one tank to rule them all”. Choosing the right storage tank for the job is important, and if you don’t take your time, misinformation or general oversight can be costly. It’s like buying a Corvette when you really need a truck. Getting the right tank for the job, the first time, will save you money in the long term. The following are some of the few major points to consider when purchasing a storage tank.

What are you storing?

The material or chemical you plan on storing will necessitate big changes to your purchase. For corrosive materials, ensure the tank you are buying is designed to withstand the corrosion. Fuel tanks, for example, need to be of a certain composition in order to function properly. You don’t want a tank that’s going to rust, or worse, have holes burn through it.

Consider what temperature ranges you need to handle, and make sure the tank you purchase is designed to withstand the pressures and temperatures associated with your material. You also need to check for chemical compatibility. If the tank’s makeup is incorrect for the material it’s storing, you can trigger negative chemical reactions or cause the release of harmful toxins. So do yourself and others a favor by double-checking before you buy.

What will the tank be used for?

After you have the what, you need the what for… Is this tank meant for long term or short term storage? Is it meant to be stackable or standalone? Do you plan on it being stationary, or is it meant to be hauled from location to location? Is this meant to be above ground or below ground storage? Does your tank need support structures to hold it in place or keep it off the ground?

Keep in mind, some jobs require specialty tanks – like septic systems. You can’t substitute a non-septic tank for your septic system. If you do, you might find yourself using some “potty language”.

Like any big life decision, it’s important to do your research first. Spending your evening Googling storage tanks might not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but neither is cleaning up a big mess and wasting your hard earned cash. Going through this process will save you a lot of hurt in the long run and keep your materials safe and worry-free.

For more questions or for help in making an informed purchase, call Go-To-Tanks at 1-877-468-2657. We can help you identify the best tank for your specific needs.


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