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So Fresh and So Clean- The Best Power Washing Tanks on the Market

Power washing is dirty business. When you’re cleaning up on a large scale, like on a construction site, you need something heavier duty than what you might have at home. Aside from the power washer itself, you need a supply of water that can keep up with what you want to do. We’ll look at some of the best tanks on the market that construction companies should be using now.

Applicator Tanks

If you’re looking for something with capacity and functionality for your pressure washer, an applicator tank may have everything you need. Most models come pre-equipped with pumps and mount inserts, so you can attach your pressure washer and get going in no time. They even have drain-out sumps so you can empty them faster and get back to work. The translucent walls make it easier for you see how much water you have left, with indicators on the side to give you a better idea of the amount of gallons you still have to complete your job before you need to refill.  

Designed to be portable, these water tanks can hold from as little as 20 gallons to as much as 500 gallons of water. Portability is key here, and you need to consider what type of work you’re doing before you commit to a size. A 500 gallon tank may sound like it has everything you need, but if you don’t have a rig that can haul it around, it poses more of a problem than a solution. With just a little bit of discretion, you’ll easily find an applicator tank that fits your needs and get you running your pressure washer in no time.

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Rectangular Utility Tanks

Rectangular utility tanks aren’t necessarily designed just for pressure washers. They have a variety of uses, including food storage, water transport, food grade applications, etc. So not only do these tanks make excellent pressure washing tanks, you can get more bang for your buck and repurpose them for other uses.

Unlike applicator tanks, these types of utility tanks don’t always come with the pumps and mount inserts built-in. Depending on your intention for the tanks, this may or may not be a problem. If you’re looking for something you can reuse for a variety of purposes, a rectangular utility tank can be a perfect fit for you. They also come in much larger sizes, ranging all the up to 1,750 gallons – something that might be great for an industrial level job, but maybe a little overkill if you’re just cleaning the sidewalk by your house.  

Looking for the right size tank for your pressure washer? Give GoToTanks a call and walk us through your project’s needs. We can guide you to the tank that will help you best get the job done.

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