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Deicing Tanks

If you live above a certain latitude, or at a high elevation, it’s never too early to begin making preparations for removing winter snow and ice on your city’s roads. While snow and ice removal is adequately handled by most large municipalities and, in some instances, by state DOT assets, many residents need to be prepared to deice their own roads. You’re going to need some deicing equipment, chief of which is a reliable and adequately sized tank.

If you have to deice your roads because you live outside of areas covered by city, town or state services, it’s a good chance you own a four-wheel drive pickup truck with a snow plow in front, and with a bed large enough to hold a tank and spraying mechanism. That or a trailer upon which a tank can be mounted and then pulled by a truck or SUV. Here are a few of your best choices for selecting a deicing tank for your specific needs.

Elliptical Leg Tank

Used for bulk containment for hauling liquids, these are the largest capacity tanks rand require a full-sized truck bed. They come with built-in legs, drain out sumps and tie down band grooves. The maximum size tank  to fit in your truck bed is going to be around 335 gallons. They are constructed from food grade polyethylene, are translucent for viewing fluid levels and come with indicators for the number of gallons.

Horizontal Leg Tank

This bulk storage tank is an excellent choice for trailer mounting. Complete with drain out sumps, these tanks also feature semi-transparent so you can see how much water is currently filled in the ank. With a low center of gravity they make for steady hauling whether by trailer or in the bed of your pickup truck – just make sure you also grab some bands and J-Bolts. For mounting on a trailer you’re only going to be limited in tank capacity by the size of your trailer and/or towing capacity. For mounting in your pickup bed you’re looking at about a 335 gallon tank.

Elliptical Cradle Tank

Elliptical in shape and mounted on a skid and banded, these tanks have a low center of gravity just like the horizontal leg tanks so you can be sure these will be staying steady on your truck. You’re going to need a cradle to support the tank’s bottom. Made from food grade polyethylene, these tanks are translucent and come with gallon indicators. For a standard sized pickup bed you’ll want to go no larger than a 300 gallon capacity tank.

When it comes to winter deicing equipment the last thing you want to do is procrastinate and not be prepared for when you need it. GoToTanks maintains a full inventory of deicing tanks of all types and sizes along with all needed accessory equipment. Our professional and friendly staff can help you find just the right storage tank for your needs. Reach out to us today to ensure you’re ready for winter.

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