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In brewing, it’s not just the equipment you have, but how you use it. However, having the right tanks for your brewery will ensure you’re making a quality batch every time. People come back for quality beer, so make sure you’re investing in the right distilling tanks for your pub, brewery, or restaurant.

These distillery tanks are just what you need to make your best beer.

Cone Bottom Inductor Tanks

These tanks are a great solution for your brewing needs, allowing the brewer to perform both the primary fermentation as well as aging/storage in a single vessel. Instead of pumping to another vessel, it is easy to open the valve at the bottom to release the yeast for disposal at any point during the fermentation process, leaving the beer behind. Over time, this can be a money saver as well, as this tank makes it easy to re-pitch the yeast by drawing some yeast off, washing it, and allowing you to make maximum use of one yeast vial for several batches. As long as your tank is higher than your bottling/kegging vessel, you can also transfer the wort without siphoning. Cone bottom inductor tanks can accommodate different variations of valves, but butterfly valves or simple PVC ball valves are great options for preventing the buildup of grime that could affect the quality your beer. If you want easy and full drain-out of your beer from the vessel, minimizing waste, this is your best option.

Open Top Cone Bottom Tanks

If you are looking for a tank that is the perfect choice for brew mixing applications, an open top cone bottom tank is what you need. Its open top feature allows for easy access to fill the vessel and to visually observe and control mixing and blending. Positioned upright, with an elevated drainage feature at the bottom of the tank (a cone) the tank can be drained quickly and completely without leaving any remaining brew at the bottom. Additionally, brewers can easily clean the tank, saving time and energy that could be directed towards other more productive aspects of their business.

Dome Top Cone Bottom Tanks

If you have worries about handling the potential buildup of pressure during the brewing process, then a dome top cone bottom is a solid option for you. The dome feature of this tank withstands the pressure of the mixture during fermentation and provides superior structural support with seamless molding. This ensures that the tank is leak-free, which means you won’t be losing on your investment because of waste.

GoToTanks is the place to shop for the perfect distilling tank for your brewery. If you need to speak with us directly, we’re happy to discuss specifics of your business, your needs, and the best fit we can provide for what you’re seeking.

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