4250 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank with Sump

Part Number: FM4250-88S
Capacity: 4250
Size: 146"L x 88"W x 101"H
Lid: 16"
Fitting: 2" PP Bulkhead
Weight: 1617 lbs
Specific Gravity: 1.7 spg
Color: White
Material: Polyethylene
Manufacturer: Ace/Den Hartog Industries
Ships From: IA
Warranty: 36 months
Drawing: Download

Elliptical Leg Tanks are selected when transportable (Non-D.O.T. Regulated) containment is required for indoor or outdoor applications. Horizontal and Elliptical Leg Tanks are designed for trailer mounted water tanks and are ideal for other hauling or stationary applications: hauling / storage of fresh potable drinking water, grey water storage, liquid compatible chemicals and liquid fertilizers. Tanks are equipped with molded-in legs to support the tank and locators for steel band or steel hoop tie-downs. Horizontal Leg Tanks are manufactured from Food Grade Polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and designed for containment of liquids up to 1.7 specific gravity. Tank walls are translucent for level viewing and equipped with gallon indicators.  The FM4250-88S comes standard with Ace Roto-Mold’s unique baffle system; is easy to install, clean and helps reduce fluid sloshing during transport. All steel bands, hoops and accessories sold separately.  Sump available at end, or Center.

Algae Resistant
UVInhibited for outdoor
Heavy Duty
Impact Resistant
Food Grade Polyethylene
3-year manufacturer's warranty